Via 45 on The Road


August 20, 2024
6:00 - 9:00p.m.

Chef: Claudette of Via45ontheRoad


Taste & Technique is very excited to have Claudette of Via 45 teach at our studio regularly!   Via45 the Rustic Italian Eatery may have closed its doors in Red Bank, but they have opened new ones by bringing its talent on the road offering personal chef and small group catering services.

“Cooking in the moment” is the philosophy that Via45 instills in each-and-every dinner they create.  Their rustic Italian style emphasizes freshness and flexibility, promoting the slow food movement and locally sourced foods.  Via 45’s menu is always based on the freshest ingredients available so we cannot provide you with a detailed menu, but we can tell you that our customers have never been disappointed and that there will be so much fresh local produce!

Claudette’s classes always include a full meal of proteins, pasta, wonderful vegetables, and a fabulous dessert but the camaraderie shared between our students and this chef is even more delightful.