The Indian Kitchen

Optional Hands On

October 23, 2019
6:30 - 9:30p.m.

Chef: Kalpana Raval


New to our kitchen is Kalpana Raval from the United Kingdom.  Chef Kalpana will inspire you with her vast knowledge and experience in cooking Indian cuisine. Come and join Kalpana assisted by Diana Albanese for some traditional favorites featuring spicy, colorful and fragrant dishes.
Battalion ​Vada ​~ ​potato ​and ​besan ​flour ​batter ​fritter ​with ​chutney
Dosa ​~ ​crispy ​savory ​bread ​with ​potato ​filling
Dal ​~ ​lentils ​with ​vegetables ​soup
Roasted ​eggplant ​and ​cherry ​tomatoes and ​rice
Hariyali ​chicken ​~ ​green curry marinated and skewered chicken
Curried shrimp  ~ with dry roasted masala
Mango ​shrikhand ​~ ​Yogurt ​base ​and ​Mango ​puree ​with ​nutmeg ​saffron ​and ​almonds.