Pizza Kit with Slicer and Toppings


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This kit is loaded with everything you need to have your own pizza party!   It includes enough dough for two full size pizzas, a simple homemade pizza sauce recipe and a variety of toppings so you can feed a large family or save half for another time.  We also include instructions for baking standard crust and deep dish pizza in case you want to give both methods a try.  As an added bonus we include a wooden handled pizza slicer in each kit.
For this kit you can use a standard cookie sheet, a pizza stone, a round pizza pan or a deep saute´pan.  You will also need a small amount of olive oil.  Toppings will include mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, a fresh pepper and olives.

Meal kits will be available for pick up at the studio on Thursday from 2-4pm.  Please call (732)741-2665 when you arrive so we can deliver to your car.