Gluten Free Goodness

Partial Hands On

May 27, 2020
6:30 - 9:30p.m.

Chef: Heather Harm


Gluten free diets are now common place but many people are still daunted by the task of learning how to cook with out Gluten.  In this class Dr. Tricia Talerico of the Nutrition and Weight Loss Center teams up with Chef Heather to explore the benefits of a Gluten Free diet while preparing delicious flavor packed dishes.  Dr. Trish will be available throughout the class to answer questions about dietary ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and Chef Heather will help to simplify your approach to Gluten Free cooking.
Garlicky Shrimp with Fresh Corn Grits
Roast Salmon with Lemon Herb Sauce
Pan-Fried Asparagus, Red Onions and Spring Greens Salad
Grilled Steak with Honey Onions and Feta
Carrot Pancakes with Salted Yogurt
Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Fresh Cream