Couples: Sicilian Getaway

Partial Hands On

May 22, 2021
7:00 - 10:00p.m.

Chef: Diana Albanese


per couple
Using simple methods and readily available ingredients learn how to make straightforward everyday cooking from Sicily.  Learn classic Sicilian dishes and revel in the glory of a little island in the Mediterranean sun.
Sicilian Tomato Toasts
Arancini (rice balls)
Pasta all Norma
Broccoli Rabe Cakes
Sicilian Style Grilled Steak
Lemon and Garlic Chicken with Sweet and Sour Potatoes
Sfinge with Lemon Honey Drizzle
This class is sold as a package for two people, but don’t feel like you need to be a “couple” to attend.  Good friends or close family members are always welcome at any of our couples classes as long as they register together.  With this class being the weekend after Mother’s Day why not take Mom out for a special night!