Couples: Dinner on the Italian Riviera

Partial Hands On

September 14, 2019
7:00 - 10:00p.m.

Chef: Diana Albanese


per couple

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Tucked in north western Italy you will find the Italian Riviera set on the Mediterranean. It lies between the south of France and Tuscany.  The food is unique, there is almost no cream or butter and very little cheese. Olive oil and garlic are essential and consumed each day making it one of the healthiest places on earth to eat.
Scallops, Shrimp, Calamari Salad with Fennel and Oranges
Linguine with Basil Pesto , Potatoes and Green Beans
Halibut with Clams and Parsley Sauce
Sautéed Chicken with Artichokes and Salsa alla Noci (walnut pesto sauce)
Herb Focaccia from Portofino
Chocolate and Hazelnut Torta with Mascarpone Custard Sauce